Grants Programme

The Grants Programme supports projects in the broad area around Waddesdon and we accept applications from charities or equivalent organisations that fit within the categories below.

1. Local and community initiatives
Small grants of up to £10,000 (though more typically of around £5,000) are made for projects that benefit local people, often in the field of social welfare. Priority is given to projects benefitting people within 10 miles of Waddesdon (though applications for projects within a 30 mile radius may be considered).

2. Priority areas
Projects that benefit our priority areas, especially where these also overlap with our main Areas of Interest, are considered where the organisation (or people who will benefit) are in the broad area around Waddesdon, generally defined as within a 20 mile radius. Grants of up to £20,000 may be awarded, especially where there is a clear strategic element to the project.

Our current priority areas are: elderly people (particularly in relation to social isolation or age related diseases); young people (particularly those with disabilities or social disadvantage, or mental health issues); and ex-offenders (particularly in relation to training and employment). We are especially interested in projects that address these issues through our general areas of interest (for example, projects addressing social isolation among elderly people by using participatory arts). Where possible and appropriate, we also look for ways that projects might connect to Waddesdon Manor (which could, for example, involve delivering the project within the Manor site).

There are two rounds of funding for the Grants Programme: June (deadline for submission is 15th March, or the next working day) and November (deadline for submission is 1st September, or the next working day). For more information or to request an application form, please contact us at