We offer targeted support to environmental initiatives in the UK and, less often, abroad. We work with business leaders, policy makers and environmental thinkers to explore some of the most pressing issues of the day, including scarcity of resources, energy, food and water security, climate change and sustainable consumption (see Rothschild Foundation Dialogues). Alongside Oxford University we organised a high-level two day event to discuss global resource scarcity. Attended by finance and business leaders, and with speakers such as President Bill Clinton and Sir David Attenborough, Re|Source sought to re-frame the environmental debate and to make it relevant to an investor audience.

We continue to support the Ashden Awards, which offers prizes to global clean energy innovators, and the global conservation charity Fauna & Flora International, among others.

As well as providing funds for charitable groups and organisations, we support the implementation of environmental initiatives in and around Waddesdon Manor where our team are committed to the creation of a sustainable and self-sufficient operation with minimal adverse impact on its local environment.